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Ghana Vocational Training StudentChanging the Message

In some remote areas of Ghana, women are seen as second class citizens. As property. Messages are burned into a woman's heart and mind from the time she is a little girl. You are helpless. You are weak. You are no good.

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Cinobana Gypsy Ministry

Your support for the Cinobana Gypsy ministry allows them to reach more Gypsy people who feel isolated, with no hope. Will you help us reach out to them?

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Gifty - Finding My Voice

Ghana girls bent over book

When I was a little girl, I lived in a village with no proper school. I joined a few children to gather under a tree and learn what we could learn from the teacher who met us there.

I had no books, but I had a pencil and paper to share with the other kids. I brought my own chair with me, but I felt very lucky to be one of the few able to go to this little school. Most of the kids in my village went with their parents to work at the rock quarry.

One day, International Needs decided to build a school in my village. I was excited to be part of this new real school, because I was a smart little girl with a burning desire to learn and be somebody.

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