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Colombian Boy2013 Year in Review

Does your support really matter? Absolutely!

Here's a fun graphic to show you what your support did in 2013!

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Ghana Vocational Training StudentChanging the Message

In some remote areas of Ghana, women are seen as second class citizens. As property. Messages are burned into a woman's heart and mind from the time she is a little girl. You are helpless. You are weak. You are no good.

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Christmas Food for Families

Boy in Ghana

Will you take a quick journey with me? Imagine for just a minute that this is your life:

You are seven years old. You walk two miles to school each morning and then two miles home in the afternoon. Your lunch is hot and delicious and you savor every mouthful. Why is this hot school lunch so important to you?

There might be no food for supper when you've walked your two miles home. There may be a few mouthfuls of rice or some vegetables for the family to share. Or there might be nothing at all. You just don't know.

The meal you receive at school is the only meal you can count on for your hungry stomach and your seven-year-old growing body. This is your cold, hard reality because you live in poverty.

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